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TASL is always looking for players! The player in the picture WILL NOT qulify for our CoEd league as he is only 30 years old, so we need YOU. 

Please let us know if you are interested to join out league,

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Eyal Kaldes commented on January 12, 6:06am
"Welcome. Please let us know if you wish to join the league. Leave contact information."
Thomas Butz commented on January 16, 10:44pm
"New to Tracy, new to CA. In need of a team! "
Eyal Kaldes commented on January 21, 4:48pm
"Hi Tom. Welcome! I will forward your info to the right person. Are you over 30?"
Bianca Grygo commented on February 8, 9:00pm
"Hello, I will be 24 next week and I am interested in joining a league. How would i go about do that?"
Eyal Kaldes commented on February 13, 4:36am
"HI Bianca. Did anyone contact you already? "
Sergio Lopez commented on February 13, 10:37pm
"im 20 years old, is there any team that I could join?"
Mike Adams commented on March 9, 3:35am
"I am trying to join the league with my wife. We are both over 30. It is not letting me register. Help."
John Collins commented on March 9, 3:40am
"I am trying to sign up 2 players but the sight won't let me register new players. What do I need to do?"
Thomas Butz commented on March 29, 9:24pm
"Hello Eyal, I wasn't contacted when I reached out before but I just registered for the Spring. I'm 33."
Jose Gallegos commented on April 11, 6:55pm
"Hi, my name's Jose. Just curious if I could still sign up for spring league. Email me a at"
Frery DeLaTorre commented on April 13, 4:17am
"Hello My name is Frery DeLaTorre still wondering when the league start and when I can register for a team I’m 23 my email is "
Medina Noori commented on April 15, 9:16pm
"Hello, I'd like to join. I registered online. I am new to the area and wondering how I can get on a team. I am a 26 year old female. Thanks. "
Brett Walters commented on May 15, 1:38am
"Want to join a team. New to Tracy."
Almendra Carpizo commented on June 4, 11:41pm
"Will there be a summer league? I'm a 32-year-old female interested in joining a team. "
Bernadette Kennedy commented on July 10, 8:20pm
"Hi there, I'm Female, 41, haven't played in a long time but willing to pick up the sport again and invest the time and effort if someones interested in taking me on a team. Thank you in advance,"
Oneil Maharaj commented on July 14, 12:00am
"Hi, my name is Oneil. 33 years old, new to the area and want to get back into playing soccer. Let me know what I have to do to get on a team. Thank you "
Jorge Ramirez commented on July 19, 12:50am
"Hi my name is Jorge Ramirez im 29 years old and lookkng to get on any team , Ive been playing all my life so if any available spots let me know. "
Thomas Butz commented on August 13, 5:10pm
"Hi, I've registered for the Fall and am (again) in need of a team. No luck getting on a team in the Spring and Summer was cancelled. I'm 34 and can play any position. Thanks!"
Oneil Maharaj commented on August 29, 8:02pm
"I have registered and looking to get on a team. I’m 32 years old and can play any position besides goalie."
Jeu Moua commented on September 25, 4:56pm
"hi, my daughter and I (18yrs old/50 years old) would like to join a coed team. We are new to Tracy."
Luis Leal commented on September 26, 2:34pm
"Jeu Moua - email me at, can get you on a team and playing Sunday if we get you signed up by Friday night."
Jeremy Williams commented on October 31, 8:48pm
"Hello, I am new to the area and am wondering if the league is still looking for players. Thank you!"
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